Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sick and Tired? How to Get Out of Bed

Zicam. Dayquil. Nyquil. Sinus Rinse. Airborne. Mucinex. Theraflu Day and Night. Sudafed...etc etc. I've been taking it all for seven days now and I still feel like hammer dog doodoo. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. At least Susanna is home and the semester is finished!

After watching several TVs shows and movies this week, I find my restlessness only getting more intense. Here are some things that inspire me to want to get the heck out of bed:

I found this website and blog attached to David Taylor's site when looking for updated news. I've got dibs on contacting this artist for the Ordinary Neighbors CD artwork. It is refreshing to dive into someone's creative world, to see her drawings and clothing designs. This makes me want to get a website up for Susanna and me soon.

This is an article about the "urban homestead." Much of me is cynical about the green revolution, the marketing and trendiness of it all, but deep down there is something right about the impulse to want to live closer to the earth and to do it creatively. These folks have a cool blog that they've been keeping for awhile about their lifestyle. Our friends, the Shattucks, just got a goat. I'll post a pic when I get the chance. And we saw a moveable chicken coop for sale at the farmer's market with my cousins in their hometown of Vashon Island, WA. I don't know if I could personally handle any more on my "to do" list, but it is fun and inspiring to see what other people are doing to live deliberately. We've subscribed to ReadyMade magazine off and on. My favorite section in each issue is the expose of different kinds of artists all over the country. I'm haunted by the story in one issue about a few friends who bought an old high school in one of the Dakotas for something ridiculous like $50,000 and how they rent out space for artists to have live in studios.

This little video helps me put the whole blog explosion in perspective. There is a really funny clip here of John Stuart giving Arianna Huffington a hard time about what is so important about blogs. Yes, there is a proliferation of BS all over the internet, but there is also some very exciting interaction going on between people that bypasses conventional, advertising money driven media. Look at how it is helping affect younger adults in Iran. Blogs are as democratic as the revolution of home recording. We have so much more junk to sift through, so much bad indie music, so much posturing, so much chicanery, but there is also so much more access to originality and expression, the things that make life full.

Other good news that makes me want to get out of bed: I've been very encoruaged by feedback from a handful of people on my essay/chapter for this book David is editing--the one I mentioned in the last blog. Thanks to Dustin, Wendy, Lance, Joel and Dad!

Now, if only I can feel good enough to sit upright and get out some glue. I want to try my hand at making some lanterns like the ones I put up in the Backroom so long ago.

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Josh said...

Somebody got a blog makeover. Did you do this?

I like it.

I've read through your essay on the arts but haven't had time to really reflect deeply on what suggestions I might offer.

I think pastors will appreciate the fact that there is someone out there who has actually done this stuff - and had the space and support from staff to pastor the artists and nurture the arts in a dynamic way.

The vignettes about your interactions with fledgling artists were really helpful to illustrate lessons you have learned and how pastors might discern how to encourage the artists while also establishing boundaries and standards for artist to show their art in public spaces. I think one of the hard things Lance had to learn is that you can't just give anyone a microphone and platform - especially in the area of practicing the prophetic. The same goes with the arts, especially in a church full of zeal and passion.

There were a few places I thought you might consider shortening. I'll try to be more specific and identify those passages tomorrow.

Amy and I have our website up for our book. We pre-ordered books and look forward to sending you guys one here before the New Year.

I miss you, bro. Let's talk soon.