Thursday, January 14, 2010

Four Months & Six Days...Dexter Review

I'm counting the days until I become a father. Typing the word 'father' sends my gut a twinge of electricity. It is not that I haven't wanted to be a father, it is that up until the last few years, I haven't given it much consideration. Having children has always seemed like an inevitability, but not something that I have ever taken time to literally imagine. Like marriage, I am told, there is no way to fully prepare for this life transition. I don't find myself really wanting to do much preparation to Susanna's consternation. I just want the dern kid to get here already. Nothing in my life has seemed so wild....I'm contributing to the birth of new life. Weird. Wacky.

Susanna has been doing all the reading, planning, and advanced purchasing. We've got two strollers. One is a traditional one with the removable bassinet. The other is one of those for joggers to push their kids in. And we have a bunch of cloth diapers. Something like 20 different packages have arrived. All purchased second hand. I've come home to several different sets of different styles of diapers. Funky colors. Some with snaps. Some made from wool. That set could double as really nice winter caps. Can't you just imagine a little baby butt in this? I know she would appreciate it if I'd work more on the learning curve. I was never a very good student when it came to prepping for exams, and now I feel like a slacker again--just in a much more significant way. I won't be getting a "B" on a test. I'll just be more useless to Susanna and the poor kid.

Nine months really does create a visceral sense of anticipation.

We had our first chapel of the semester yesterday. I was nervous. That is the downside of such long holiday breaks. I get pulled out of my rhythms. The re-entry is intense.

We have our Winter retreat Friday night. I found a cozy cabin to rent in Saugatuck a few years ago. This will be our third year using it. It's big enough to give most of the 25+ us beds.

Other exciting things: *I finished a review of the television series Dexter for the Cresset. Click HERE to. *We finished What Strength Remains last weekend and cried for a good ten minutes. *Susanna is a finalist for yet another major book prize. She has been a finalist with this manuscript so many times that I really hope this one is it for her. Her current title for the manuscript is Entering the House of Awe. I think its a better set of poems than her first book. *I did spend lots of time on the Ordinary Neighbors record over break. I'm starting to really like what I'm hearing and that is a huge relief. I don't know when it'll be finished, but I can better hear what this project as a whole is going to sound like. Some favorite moments from my time in the studio: playing electric with a small rock I brought back from the Olympic Penninsula, singing harmonies through my classical guitar and best of all...sampling a lecture of Reinhold Neihbur where he talks about Agustine being the father of both Catholicism and Protestantism.


Courtney Kay said...

I am so happy for you both, Way to go on the cloth diapers, the wool ones are my favorite! (not that I have any kids to put them on, Just from babysitting experience, those are the cutest) I will be praying for you all during this time of amazing transformation in your family.

...and if you ever need a babysitter, (or a double date with the Johnson's as I watch Little Tryg sometimes...) ;)

caroline said...

congrats on the little one! where can i find this Reinhold Neihbur lecture?

Joshua Banner said...

You know Caroline, I need to dig up the details of that lecture again so that I can secure copyright permissions. It was an audio tape in the Regent College archives that I transferred to digital. I'll try to remember to let you know the details when I get them. I saw you blog. Two little ones!

caroline said...

Joshua, any word on copyright permissions on that lecture?

Indeed, two little ones! we're very tired and very blessed.

When is your little one due to make his/her entrance?