Sunday, November 15, 2009

My LIttle Secret Made Public

I'd love to hear from you.

If you are reading this, its nice to know every once in a while who is reading. Such a weird way to keep in touch with people. I'm here in West Michigan so far from so many beautiful people.

Oh, and I've also decided that I need to get a new design for the layout. I don't know what possessed me to go with something so...creepy.

I can feel another blog coming on.


Ryan said...

Hey Josh, I check this from time to time, love reading your writings. Blessings. Ryan

Joshua Banner said...

Hey Ryan, thanks for the Hello! I hope you are well!!

Kip said...

Josh, I subscribe to your posts in my Google Reader and enjoy when something new appears.

Christa and I made it to the Gathering last night. Simply amazing. Both the music and Shane's message. As our kids get older I think we'll start bringing them on a regular basis.


Eric said...

I am a follower!

Courtney Kay said...

I follow!

Amy said...

I follow.