Thursday, February 4, 2010

09-10 Chapel CD is under production

First off, I'm not mixing the record this year. It was hard to let go of, but I realized that after doing it three years straight, it may be a good time to learn from someone else and see what he might make of our tracks. So, Paul Chamness, our tech director is at the helm. So far from what I've heard, I'm really happy. The further good news is that I'm not working 12 hour days right now without any days off like I have in the past. That means I can actually focus on the worship leading and manage the overal production schedule of the CD with greater care. We have a title and just yesterday, I approved a cover design. My hope is to get things in such a solid place that I'll be able to go to the Arts Pastors retreat at Laity Lodge March 4-7. Susanna and I will not be able to take our annual trip to the Dominican Republic because our Spring Breaks are a whole week apart from each other. I'm really lamenting having to miss out on that trip.

Here is a working list of songs for the CD (not in order):

Sing Praise to God--re-worked hymn done by Jonathan Ytterock, one of my student leaders
Come Ye Sinners
Kwake Jesu--a Swahili song that the students really love
Take My Life--we've kept the original hymn tune but used Passion's added chorus
You'll Come--Hillsongs
Oh You Bring--Hillsongs
Desert Song--Hillsongs
All Hail Christ--one of my mine
Here is Mercy--another new one from me

There may be a few more added in the next week, but this is the core of it so far. I just realized that I don't lead any of these songs! What a difference four years of being in this ministry will do. I've really grown to trust my leaders because they really are great people and talented. The artwork is being done by Chris Cox, a junior. It is a deep delight to see our humble little crew of college students do so much. If you are interested, I've got tons of pictures of these guys on my facebook page. Here's some links:

Christmas Party 2010
Spring End of the Year Dinner