Saturday, April 16, 2011


I'd like to feel comfortable with public cursing, but I don't. Some have decided to get away with "eff" this and "eff" that. I've always hated any reference to that word. So painful and harsh to my ears and heart, yet on a rare occasion its potent and somewhat helpful in getting a point across. So here goes:

Panda Bear's Tomboy. Eff!

Sonlux's We Are Rising. Eff!

Two weeks left of the semester? Eff!

Sometimes good things sneak up on you in such a surprising way that there isn't much to say. I love how Annie Dillard discourages us from naming these things too quickly in her essay "Total Eclipse." Yes yes, I believe that language is essential to our being in the world. Experience comes with language. Yet if we run too quickly to put verbal or written words in place to describe our thoughts, we are discrediting the language of that initial cheesy as the early spring sunset, the great book you just finished, that meal your wife just served up, the movie that knocked you out, the concert, the song, the poem..... If we put prose to it too quickly, we haven't really been listening. We've just been waiting our turn to speak. [yes, these are ideas I've lifted out of my master's thesis]

So why the heck am I writing right now during my first listen through Tomboy? I guess I'm trying to pretend that one or more of you are here with me taking it in. I don't want to name it, but such things are better shared.

You can listen to Sonlux for awhile longer here at NPR's music page.

With great affection to you, jb


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