Sunday, July 24, 2011

Eighth Day Farm Benefit Dinner - PLEASE COME!

I've mentioned before that I'm on the advisory board for Jeff Roesing's Eighth Day Farm. We are putting together a benefit dinner to raise money for the farm. You can see the invitation below. I would love it if any of you were interested in joining us on Friday, August 26th at the urban plot on the corner of 30th & Pine (The old Zion Lutheran Preschool). I'm close to confirming that some Hope students will be playing some bluegrass/folk music. We almost have secured the chef to cook the meal and are still looking for a few restaurants to offer some appetizers. Most of the produce will be provided by Eighth Day, but I believe some will come from other local CSAs like Groundswell and Eater's Guild. We'll have meat provided by Earl's Meats and it looks like we also have a deal with some local breweries and wineries for beverages.

There will be a silent auction with artwork that has been donated by a few area artists (Andy Krio, Emily Christensen, Billy Mayer). Susanna will be offering her two books and an hour of poetry writing lessons for children and/or adults. I'm putting up a complete worm compost bin with worms and personal guidance of getting started. I believe there will also be a really nice and easy to use composter. Jeff and Andy will also be auctioning two people/families personal planing and counsel for their home vegetable gardens. We are looking for more things to auction. If you have anything to donate, we can offer you a tax deduction.

We are especially interested in hosting anyone interested in food issues and community development. If you have suggestions of who I can make personal invitations to, please let me know (bannerj at

Jeff has put countless hours into this farm/community development project over the past two years without collecting a salary. We hope and pray for the community support to help Eighth Day move into its third year and for Jeff to start being compensated. Please consider joining us for this important event. To RSVP for the event (by August 16th), either send us an email through the contact for on our site or, contact Josh Hauch at 616-510-0606.

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Larry Figueroa said...

You had me at "worm compost bin"