Thursday, February 5, 2009

DM Stith Video

Susanna sent me this video here of David. We are talking with him about playing up here this Spring. We may open for him. It is a long shot, but it'd be supa dupa fun.

Mixing is coming along nicely. I'm high right now from eight hours straight in front of the computer/console. It is amazing how I'm learning so much more intuitively just by doing it again. I think I've finally started to understand what a little this and that can do. Not too much EQ. Not too much compression. All the things I've read are helpful, but it is really just have to trust your ears. So stinkin' thankful for the goodness of hard work and the learning curve and the incredible resources we have in the studio.

We brought the Drawmer 1968 down to the studio from upstairs, AND a local engineer is loaning us his SSL compressor. It's probly $4k by itself and I don't have time to really mess with it.

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