Sunday, February 8, 2009

Obama's Drama

I saw a clip yesterday of the president venting about how he'd inherited the deficit wrapped in a nice bow. I can't find the clip or I post it. He seemed to be only kinda joking, mostly trying to share the horror of it all with the press corp.

Everybody knew our next president would have an unenviable beginning. The Tom Daschle thing just seems to be a scape goat. What are we to think about this economic stimulus? It seems like a hail mary to me. I feel like I did back when Bush was leading us into war. I didn't know anything about WMDs, but I wanted to trust that our president was privy to certain intelligence. I'm still glad that I trusted him even then. I miss that time when I felt I could trust our president. I'd like to trust our new president even at the risk of being disillusioned. Does that make sense?

This column is on to something.

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