Thursday, February 5, 2009

Monday, February 2 2009

1:30AM and I’m still a bit loopy from the adrenaline. I left the studio at 12:30 or so. Will probably crash hard soon. Spent most of the evening working on “Meet You in the Morning,” a song Brad introduced to us last January. I’m so happy that the core tracks that I recorded for him on that song will make it on his new record, and I’m so happy to have Paul Van Kempen leading the song on this year’s CD. I of course would love to have been able to sing it myself. I love singing any of Brad’s songs, but there is something very nice about having a student sing it. A kind of sharing that is deeply good and right, a nice “Amen,” and Paul did such a nice job with the song in chapel this morning.

That session at my house in Oklahoma City was a great learning experience and memory. Brad wanted to see what tape sounded. We tracked everything on my half inch eight track. It was my first time wearing the producer and engineer hats at the same time. Such an amazing way to start with UJ, Brandon Graves and Tye. The bass sound we got was the best I’ve ever gotten. Brandon had some very stern but good words for me challenging me to really step up and be the producer and lead. Very intimidating to “produce” a moment with core players from Waterdeep, a band I’ve loved and promoted for years. So, it is a great treat to have those tracks make it on to the record.

Speaking of chapel this morning: I was struck by the goodness of my opportunity to be here at Hope College at this time. We had a really nice, cozy service last night before the Super Bowl, and acoustic set, a testimony from Angela Taylor Perry and some extended time for prayer. Then this morning to have Paul continue in that same spirit, to be led by him and the other students…and then to get to hear Steven Bouwma-Prediger speak, such a good man, I really am filled with wonder that I get to be here to share in these things. Jesus is so generous to me, so kind and generous.

I want to learn how to challenge the students during our worship. Gently. Lovingly. To draw them deeper into pursuit of Jesus. To call forth faith. I want to say, “Who among you is pursuing Christ? He is surely pursuing you. Do you know this? Who wants to be his student? Who is willing to listen and learn?” I’m experiencing deep and good joy today because of a sweetness towards him that endures throughout the day and week.