Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The "System"

This [the current state of our health care system in America] may explain our strange, indeed neurotic, sense that the needs of "the system"--whether it is the system of governance or the system of markets or the system of technological innovation--are now more important than the needs of individuals such systems were once assumed to serve. We are a nation of Pythagoreans, ashamed of and enthralled by our secret desire to assume the secret eternal nature of numbers, and made powerless by that shame.

From "Sick in the Head: Why America Won't Get the Health Care System it Needs" by Luke Mitchell in Harpers Magazine, February 2009

"If you look at the world as a whole, we have to admit life is good here where we live. But in an evil Twilight Zone kind of way there's nothing else to choose. In the old days there was always a bohemia or a creative underworld to join if the mainstream life wasn't your bag--or a life of crime, or even religion. And now there is only the system. All other options have evaporated. For most people its the System or what....death? There's nothing. There's no way out."

Karen speaking to Hamilton in Girlfriend in a Comma by Douglas Copeland published 1998


OKC Herbivore said...

i am always excited to hear the completed ordinary neighbors when it comes to full growth. i am still thankful for you having me contribute some groovies. i walked thru the Goss new house today (they loaned me the unoccupied garage apt. to track some gtrs for Emelo) and it reminded me of you and susanna's abode, and i got misty for you guys. hope you're kicking it well.

Tyler said...

I talked to a buddy yesterday who's worked at the same restaurant for about six years. He's paying his own way through college without taking out loans, which means he can only take a few hours every semester and he's had to take off entire semesters from time to time. He doesn't have insurance through the restaurant, and doesn't make enough money to pay for school and an individual health plan. About a year ago he severely injured his knee, and needed surgery. Luckily hospitals have pay-plans. But this means he's taken a full year-and-a-half off school to pay for the knee surgery, even though he's a mere six hours shy of graduation.
This, to me, is a ridiculous system.